We Offer:                               

  • Social Dancing  
  • Competitive Dancing
  • Latinosize                  
  • Lang Arm
  • Matric Dance 
  • Wedding Choreography
  • Private & Corporate Shows
  • Dress Hire
  • Dance Shoes


Latin Look Home

Some have always been too


For others it is still on their bucket


You HAVE to do it for your wedding

day, Some use it to save their

marriages. Others use it for exercise

to stay fit and slim from the age of 4.

Anyone that has a passion for

dancing can dance! 




Why are we the best:

  • The studio atmosphere is very relaxed and homely, but still very professional.
  • Our passionate well trained teachers and staff cares for each student as anindividual and keep their well being close at heart.
  • our quality can be seen in our students and the results they achieve.
  • We believe in using correct muscles to avoid injuries while working hard and still having fun.